The combination of her extensive expertise in the sphere of customs and administrative law with the practical knowledge of foreign exchange matters enables Elena to maintain an open and effective dialogue with both representatives of the business community and customs authorities of the Russian Federation and of other countries.

Major multinational and domestic companies like 20th Century Fox, Oriflame, Mars, MICHELIN Russian Tyre Manufacturing Company and Luhta Fashion Group contact Elena for expert assistance on various matters pertaining to foreign trade, import into and export from Russia.

She has a comprehensive knowledge of the legislation regulating customs value, including internationally. Elena is well acquainted with the methods for confirming the customs value of goods imported in related party transactions and her expertise with regard to inclusion of royalties in the customs value of goods has already helped her numerous clients to justify the customs value of their goods correctly. She is convinced that importers that have concluded licence or other similar agreements are not automatically required to adjust the customs value of relevant goods, unless their importation triggers payment of royalties. Elena’s DDs on transactions and analyses of contracts have resulted in the declared customs value finally being approved by the customs authorities.

Elena has considerable experience and a comprehensive knowledge of proving country of origin of goods, which is particularly important for obtaining customs benefits upon carriage of goods from CIS countries, developing and less developed countries and within the Customs Union.

If customs decisions depart from legislative provisions and administrative appeals to the customs against such decisions prove fruitless, Elena acts for her clients in court, be they individuals or corporates, to get the illegal decisions reversed. With Elena’s assistance, her clients have succeeded in obtaining lawful decisions with regard to the customs value or classification of goods and recovered customs payments collected to excess. If the customs fail to act and this violate the interests of our clients, Elena obtains a decision to preclude business suffering.

Assisted by Elena, her clients successfully challenge unlawful resolutions of the customs and foreign exchange controlling authorities bodies on holding their companies administratively liable.

Acting for right-owners, Elena uses her knowledge and experience to protect the Russian market against counterfeit products.

Elena Belozerova was selected by peers as one of the best lawyers in Russia in the fields of Customs and Excise Law, Trade Law, according to The Best Lawyers in Russia 2009-2019 Editions.

Elena Belozerova
Associate Director, Foreign Trade, Customs and Exchange Regulation

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner (Russia) LLP
formerly Goltsblat BLP in Russia
Presnenskaya Nab.,8 Bldg.1
123100 Moscow

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